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StreetTaps as Bandana Bedspreads?

Posted on April 04 2019

StreetTaps as Bandana Bedspreads?

Banana Wall Art Tapestry as a King Bed Cover

Experiment time!

This is BBCo’s 104” x 88” size large wall tapestry (StreetTaps). My manufacturer suggested that they can also be used as a lightweight bedspread, so I ordered one to try. Here it is on a king sized bed. It works, at least for those of us who live in the tropics. For cooler climates the Duvet Cover Sets would still be my preferred choice. 

My manufacture also suggested that they can be used as a decorative tablecloth. I agree - if you are not as messy as I am. Lastly they say to try using them as a picnic blanket. In this I disagree. I think any sharp stickers and litter would snag the light fabric. But, now we know. Three more of life’s great mysteries have been solved.

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Blue Banana Wall Art Tapestry as a King Bed Cover  Blue Banana Wall Art Tapestry as a Bedspread


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