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Customers Share Their Bandana Blanket Images

Posted on April 04 2019

Customers Share Their Bandana Blanket Images

Love these customer submissions!

The first is an Ultra Plush Red Bandana Blanket.
I like this image because it show that the brushed fabric, when brushed against the grain, let’s white show. Brushed down the color is more solid. Not everyone digs this style, others “Love it” so look close.

Red Bandana Blanket Customer Image

The "Bitch Blanket" (a hooded blanket) is simply a classic. I made it with me in mind. Do with that what you will. Within a day of posting it to my store, my best friend from college asked me to customize one from her. Also do with that what you will. The bat, rattlesnake and Audubon condor were added for her.  Did I mention we studies zoology and worked at a rescue together, then as reptile keepers?

Wickedly Wild Hooded Bandana Blanket Customer Image

The last blanket is a light pink hooded blanket. It shows that if you ask for a custom color - like ultra light pink - it gets done - usually (ha ha). Seriously, our hooded blankets started it all for BBCo. They are bigger and better (see mockup image) than any 1-off printed hooded sample I found, and why I choose this style for my designs. More to love!

Pink Bandana Hooded Blanket Customer Image  Pink Hooded Bandana Blanket Customer Image

Thank you for sharing everyone. Keep 'em coming!